January 5, 2019


Monitoring the operation of vehicles is known mainly from automotive traffic. Dispatcher’s job today without this system is practically impossible. The same situation may occur in your business, so Agro GPS system is here to help.


With the new application at www.vidimte.cz you can monitor traffic and trajectories vehicles on three versions of maps: classical vector map, orthophoto and on the field map, where you can also see the contours.

The first benefit is undoubtedly the latest information on where to find your machines and how they work away.

With our system specially developed for the needs of you, farmers get an instant overview of the position of the machine (in the map and even introduce your soil blocks by LPIS) of its actual speed, or about his current activities. If you point your attention to the activities of one machine, the system will be automatically added to the trajectory at each change of position (no rereading the list of records), it can be useful for example for harvesters, seeders, etc., just where you want to be informed about the progress of work. With border blocks crossings can be separated from work and thereby to separate the time spent on the site, time spent crossing and so is fuel. To get to quickly, accurately and without all the work associated with the passing of inaccurate statements of work.


In statistics, then you can control when your employees started to work when the work is finished, how much of the shift consisted of downtime etc.. It represents millions of crowns, it is certainly good to ensure maximum productivity and machine utilization.


Another significant feature of the graphing speed and fuel level in the tank, through which you control and the thorny question of waste fuel. For more information on the measurement of fuel level in the tank, please contact us here.

After a personal consultation, we will determine the offer of a solution that is suitable for each company so you are satisfied. With the import of electronic documents is fueling system able to compare reality with reporting refuelling.


Accessories GPS Agro


Keyboard for GPS Agro

Optional component assembly is used to select activities, distinguishing drivers and performance of worker monitoring (hectares …). In connection with the administration system, Helios has formed different statements.



A portable unit for operation in the seasonally busy machines at occasional trips or to control the movement of people.