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October 28, 2019

Precision agriculture is already here!

In this moment the best Remote RTK Network solution and Remote CAN BUS/ISO BUS upload/download. Real Precision AgRiculture with the real Agro Data Transfer (ADT).

Vladimir Mureso at Fons booth at Agritechnica 2019
Fons GPS, RTK solution for precision agriculture
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If the Precision Agriculture has to be real it needs to have the realization of the stable connection of the RTK corrections (VRS or Permanent Base Stations). When done, there are many issues of the lost connections. We know that 90% of these issues are simply just wrong setting, clicking, ……. Just because of the bad operating. Misunderstanding of the whole process. This is not because of someone‘s stupidity or ignoration. These are just the new things with the absence of real experiences. 

Before - without RTK correction
Before – without RTK correction
After - with RTK correction
After – with RTK correction

This is what we can manage like to be present in the cab for the support, help and operator training, how to avoid the idle downtime on the field with non functional  system  or keep it working at 5% of the capability of the whole system when it can get out of the system maximum (100%) of its capability.

RTK modem single SIM card
RTK modem single SIM card
RTK modem dual SIM card
RTK modem dual SIM card

It will be our pleasure to show you the new components for remote connectivity to the agriculture consoles and for Agri data sharing. Only with a good data connection, the Precision Agriculture could be really precise and stable! 

We are here during the whole fair to discuss and find a really strong solution for your AG business!
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