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RTK Stations

In modern agriculture, accuracy is absolutely crucial. An increasing number of farms are using autopilots. Owning an RTK station, and thus your own source of correction signal without additional unnecessary fees, is an investment that pays off within the first year of use.

RTK stanice


Advantages Over Radio TransmissionsAcquiring such a station is straightforward, and you won’t encounter any technical complications. Furthermore, if the signal on your farm is not the best, we have a solution for you as well. We offer dual RTK modems with two SIM cards. If one network fails, the other immediately takes over, and the connection remains stable. These modems also allow for remote access or data transfer.


Advantages Of RTK Stations Over Radio Transmissions


  • This solution does not require approval from the Czech Telecommunication Office (ČTÚ), and there is no need to apply for and pay for a frequency license as with radio. There is no need to increase radio power beyond the scope of current legislation to ensure optimal coverage.
  • Data from the network can be received in receivers of all manufacturers, including JD receivers, specifically SF3000 and SF6000.

Suitable for

Network Implementation Speed – We guarantee a functional and operational station within hours.

The reach of the station's fix is a circle with a 30 km radius.

There's an option to set access to your network for service vehicles (important for technologies like Strip-till, for example).

Possible combination of corrections from individual RTK stations, thereby providing an unlimited coverage area.

Remote assistance and setup for both the station and the equipment in the tractor, significantly faster diagnostics of all operational problems.

We do not limit the number of machines connected to the station. Provide the signal to your neighbors within range and accelerate the return on investment.

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