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RTK Modems and Correction Services

RTK Modems and Correction Services

RTK modems enable high-stability connections between navigation and correction sources, allowing for continuous work without loss of positional accuracy. In this regard, they are an absolutely essential component of precision agriculture.

Essential Precision for Modern Agriculture

Correction services process satellite signals and send position refinements to the receiver. This minimizes errors and increases the accuracy of all activities. The source of corrections can be from a national network (VRS) or from a private enterprise RTK station from FONS. A fixed base RTK station or VRS provides navigation corrections from the actual position of the machine, relative to a reference point on the ground. Thus, a position with an accuracy of approximately 2 cm. Then, this RTK correction is transferred via an RTK modem to the GNSS receiver, which is capable of using it. An RTK modem can operate with two SIM cards, even from different operators, achieving maximum reliability. If one operator’s connection fails, it switches to the other within one to two seconds, preventing autopilot control loss or application interruption.

Main Advantages


  1. Remote service (FW upgrade, parameter changes, diagnostics).
  2. Modem communication protocol TCP, FTP, and UDP
  3. GSM frequency band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  4. CAN BUS communication
  5. provision of internet connection for the navigation display (for cloud services, etc.)

Envoy DE

  • LTE (4G)
  • Two SIM cards for receiving RTK corrections
  • Ethernet port (for navigation display)
  • Virtual Terminal (ISO VT) for setting NTRIP parameters
  • Remote access for modem configuration and diagnostics
  • Integrated 4GB SD card (upload/download data files)



  • LTE (4G)
  • One SIM card allows for receiving RTK corrections
  • Remote access for modem configuration and diagnostics
  • Simple telematics (CAN input)

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