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Fertilization and Spraying

Fertilization and Spraying

Sustainability, ecology, and productivity. In the context of fertilization and spraying, these three factors seemingly contradict each other. However, thanks to precision agriculture technologies, every farmer can perform these essential operations with much greater accuracy, thereby increasing efficiency and consideration for the soil.


Advanced monitoring systems and analytical tools allow farmers to apply fertilizers and pesticides precisely where needed and in the optimal amount. This can lead to higher crop yields while reducing the ecological impact of agricultural production. All these benefits provide farmers with the advantage of higher profits, leading to a more ecological and sustainable agriculture.

Indicative Navigation

The basic level of the system for precision agriculture. Manual control based on a navigation screen.


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Automatic Control Options

The next step towards more modern agriculture. More precise sowing and planting, fertilization, and harvesting. Available even for equipment that was not originally designed with this capability in mind.


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