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Vehicle Monitoring

Vehicle Monitoring

Vehicle monitoring has become a standard in automotive transportation, and it's hard to imagine dispatch operations without it. Similarly, there is a need for vehicle tracking in modern agriculture. Enter the VidímTě system, prepared to offer numerous advantages for your business.


VidímTě – A Proven Vehicle Monitoring Solution

 VidímTě is a system developed specifically for the needs of farmers, providing not only an overview of the current location of your machines but also enabling the monitoring of multiple vehicles and their trajectories in a single window – ideal for harvest work and other activities. One of its key tools is the Heatpaths functionality, which graphically represents, for example, the speed of movement in selected parts of the route using a color scale. Thanks to VidímTě, you can easily obtain overviews, statistics, and the ability to export/import data between different systems. The monitoring application also offers data display from the CAN bus, tracking of fuel consumption, and comparison with fuel dispensing. And with the possibility of customizing software and hardware, you can get a solution tailored directly to your needs, which is especially suitable for specific sectors such as viticulture and orcharding. 


  • System developed for the needs of all farmers
  • Collection and interpretation of data
  • Overview of the current location
  • Production line display – multiple vehicles and their trajectories in one map window. Great for harvests and other work
  • Heatpaths – configurable data display using a color scale, suitable for example for displaying travel speed at a specific route location
  • Creation of overviews and statistics
  • Ability to export and import data to and from other systems
  • Reading data from the CAN bus
  • Import of data about fuel dispensing and their comparison with the consumption of machines
  • Custom SW and HW solutions – possible customization (individualization)
  • Especially suitable for viticulture and orcharding as well


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